Monday, June 19, 2017

Nice Dam Reflections

I took my dog for a walk at Colliery Dam Park this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful reflections mid-day. Although it was cloudy, the sky was quite bright, making for good contrast. While editing in LR, I kept the dark shadows.

I walked further along the path, and took several shots through the trees, bracketing. I like this one, I  think it looks "painterly," I like the contrast, and the angle of the tree branches.

I walked to the end of the lake and got wet feet trying to jump out to the gravel bar. Again, I like the reflections and the strong lines. 

I walked around the other side of the lake, and once again admired the reflections. 

However, I thought the foreground needed a feature. Since there weren't any ducks about to swim into the frame, I threw a rock into the lake. 

I never was much of a ball player, and I shanked the rock off to the left. But then from behind me a chocolate lab swam out after the rock. 

And now I had my foreground feature!

Where did it go? I know it's here somewhere!

For this last shot I got lower, closer to the water, and positioned the deadhead log at one of the "rule-of-thirds" intersections. 

I might not make any money at it, but it sure is fun!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Port Renfrew - June 12-15, 2017

The San Juan River estuary 
Susann and I and our friend Judy headed over Port Renfrew way this past week, and although the road from Lake Cowichan to Renfrew is now paved all the way, there are lots of logging trucks, one-way bridges, and dips in the road, making for a slow journey. It took us an hour and a half to go the 60 k from Lake Cowichan to Renfrew, but we were pulling a tent trailer. 

The campground is ideally located, although, as you can see from the sign, with limited services.

Spacious, beach-front campsites

Drift-wood sculptures on the beach

Tuesday we strolled down to Botanical Beach, one of my favorite beaches on the Island. 

Treacherous footing along this stretch, though!

But great tidal pools

and cliffs

My 800mm lens zoomed right in on this mother bear

Salal is beautiful as this time of year

Ferns too

Wed. morning I paddle-boarded up the San Juan River 

I watched two mink scampering along the shore

Wednesday afternoon we drove up to nearby Avatar Grove. It's a rough road, but even on this drizzly  afternoon there were 10 other vehicles there, many were smaller cars. (You can "Google" Avatar Grove for driving instructions.)

Huge cedars!

And photogenic moss

A rough trail in places

Reputedly the "gnarliest tree" in Canada!

My high-priced model 

Along the lower trail

Another gnarly one!

And we finished off our stay with a meal in the beautiful Port Renfrew Pub. 

A rainy trip back to Nanaimo

Keeha Bay Backpack, June 2-4, 2017 (an Island Mountain Ramblers' outing)

Ah, Keeha Bay! So worth it driving the bumpy, muddy or dusty logging road and hiking the muddy, rough trail to get there. 

The trailhead starts near Bamfield and is technically part of the West Coast Trail.

We camped at the east end of Keeha Beach near the creek.

We started hiking about 3 p.m. on Friday, under sunny skies and perfect temperatures for hiking. The trail, which is never dry, was wetter than usual, and although there is some boardwalk a lot of the trail is lacking in upgrades. I hope it stays that way, or the route will become more popular.

Susann preparing to descend the tsunami dune about 100 meters from the beach. The dune was likely left by a huge earthquake (8.7-9.2) that hit the west coast in 1700 A.D.
Enjoying the fire Friday night.

Our tents along the beach
Beautiful plants near our camp-site!




Rosy owl clover

We rambled east of the camp on Saturday morning.

We took a rugged trail across the headlands towards Pachena Bay.

And came out to a beautiful bay.

With beautiful tidal pools.

Saturday afternoon we headed west from camp towards Cape Beale.

Before long the walking became more difficult.

A beautiful clump of Indian Paintbrush
Some beautiful caves along the way

This sea arch was just east of our camp.

Maidenhair fern

A father and son were camped the other side of the creek and came out to play at dusk.

We returned Sunday morning, still enjoying the beautiful weather!

Cinquefoil near the end of the trail.

And so ended my seventh trip to this beautiful spot!