Sunday, October 1, 2017

Forbidden Plateau to Mt. Washington - Sept. 30, 2017

Wow! What colors! I've never been so dazzled by fall colors as I was yesterday on our Island Mountain Ramblers' hike from Forbidden Plateau to Mt. Washington.

We started our 27 k. hike at 8:20 under cloudy skies, with showers in the forecast We headed up the old ski area, and although going from this end meant we had more elevation gain than starting from Mt. Washington, I was glad we got this part over first, as it wasn't 't scenic at all. Thanks to our leader, John Robertson, for arranging our car shuttles and deciding to start from the old Wood Mountain (Forbidden Plateau) Ski Area.

Heading up the old ski area. 

John and Karen scoping out our route at the entrance to Strathcona Park. 
It wasn't long, however, before the colors assaulted our senses.

One of the many beautiful fungi along the way.

                                                                             And many colorful shrubs!                                                     

Bil nearing McKenzie Meadows

Mike crossing the "bridge" in McKenzie Meadows

Karen in McKenzie Meadows.
Rain-infused blueberry leaves

More magnificent fungi.

One of the many beautiful ponds en route.

Can it get any prettier?

A few whiskey jacks checked us out.

Natural lines

Paradise Meadows, with Mt. Washington in the background.

And after 9 hours, we reached Mt. Washington, tired but oh so infused by the beauty we had experienced!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bastion City Viaje - July 28-August 5, 2017

Lucky or what?!
1. After missing our flight to Bella Bella on the 27th, we booked a float plane to take us to Calvert Island, where we would try to meet up with our friends the next day. We flew over the area twice before our pilot managed to find the needle in the haystack and we joined David and Evelyn on their boat.
2. We enjoyed the company of 9 other wonderful and interesting people.
3. The weather was perfect, and the smoke from the mainland forest fires didn't appear until the last night.
4. Wow! What great scenery!

July 28

Susann and I, and Chica, caught an amphibian plane from Port Hardy to the Calvert Island area, south of Bella Bella.

We were allowed to have Chica with us, but she wasn't too thrilled!

We had a smooth, clear flight, with wonderful views.

It was an interesting landing!

The plane taking off after dropping us off.

Our good friends David and Evelyn met us,

and took us back to the Bastion City, our home base for the next nine days.


We started our near the Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy, which at 1,230 kilometres is the largest marine conservancy on the BC Coast. Our boat was moored in Pruth Bay, to the right of the yellow circle on the map below.

There were 11 of us on board, and then 12 when Milo arrived on August 4th, with five painters amongst us.

After lunch on the first day, Susann and I headed to shore, me on my paddle board with Chica, and Susann in a kayak, and hiked over to West Beach.

From there, Chica was my intrepid companion.

And we went to the lookout.

In the evening, several of us paddled and then walked over to Wolf Beach.

July 29

The day started out with light rain, and the painters stayed on board in the morning. I kayaked over with Chica and we hiked to North Beach.

I like photographing plants festooned with rain drops.  

And the snail liked the rain, too.

The sand was wet,

but Chica liked it regardless.

Piles of drift wood were framed by fireweed at the end of the beach.

Captain David caught many crab and boiled them, making for tasty appies!

The rain had let up in the afternoon, but some clouds hung around for the sunset. 


July 30-31

Chica and I went hiking both days, and on the 31st I went with some of the painters as far as 6th Beach, and then Chica and I walked on to 10th Beach

Here Gaye and Poppy are scrambling over to 6th Beach

                            Natural rock paintings.

                            Beautiful Indian Paint Brush

                            Sun Dew is a carnivorous plant, but alas no prey was trapped at this time.

7th Beach, the next little beach, was my favourite of all with a cliff chock-full of life--mussels, little crabs poking out, and other critters.

                            Sea anemone

                            Skull-like formations

                            Some more exhilarating hiking after 7th Beach

The trail became increasingly bushy, and we turned around after 10th Beach. 

August 1 - to Goose Group

I rousted Chica out of bed early this day because we were departing at 7:30 for our next site.


When I reached the dock I turned around and captured this scene.

And then we walked over to West Beach.

When we arrived back at the dock the boat was waiting for us. 

It was a four-hour voyage to our next moorage at Goose Island, some of it rough, and my two girls weren't feeling well.

There was some sea-life along the way - orcas, sea otters, and of course gulls.

In the afternoon we all headed over to Gosling Island. 

And a beautiful forest, too. 

August 2 - Goose Island


The Bastion City from Goose Island

Mark entertained us several nights with his wonderful singing and playing.

August 3 - to Dodwell Island

This was a short 1-hour voyage, and once again we spotted orcas.

Our moorage at Dodwell Island was in a picturesque little bay with marvelous reflections and sea life.

Sea Urchin

August 4th 

Susann boated to nearby Shell Beach, where some of the artists painted. 

Three of the artists displayed their masterpieces our last night.




Bon Voyage!